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JPC Tactical Vest - Multicam [Emerson]

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A tactical vest sewn from a very durable nylon 1000D, which offers high resistance to mechanical damage as well as a partial waterproofness. On the inside, the vest has a distance mesh in several places, which improves the comfort of wearing as well as air and humidity circulation. The vest is fully adjustable, so it can easily be adapted to any body type and User’s preferences. 

In order to reduce the weight of the equipment, the vest’s cummerbund was diminished - this model features only a skeleton form and consists only of stiffened straps. Additional modular pouches can be attached to the said straps. 

Plate Carrier has a built-in, universal pouch capable of storing 3 M4/M16 magazines, however, AK type magazines are also compatible. The magazines are kept in place by rubber bands with handles - such a solution allows to rapidly access them and change a magazine as necessary.

The vest has a large surface base in the front and on the back for the attachment of additional MOLLE compatible modular pouches. The places also feature room for ballistic inserts. Two medium-sized dummy inserts (made of polymer) were included in the set. The chest part features a flat pocket with hook and loop fastener straps - useful for the attachment of various badges, markings, etc.